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Strategies for Schools to Improve Parent Engagement by GD Goenka Public School, Rohini

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Due to hectic life lifestyle that people are following nowadays. Making their first priority to the 9-5 job rather than their families creating lots of adversity in the education of their kids.

Many researched proved that the growth of any child may also depend upon the parents. But, parents after enrolling their kids in some schools forgets about the better education of the child.

Some of the Schools in Rohini, Delhi took some steps about this and tried to make impressive strategies that will help create better engagement of parents in their schools so that they get to know more about their kids and the responsibility of teaching should not completely rely on teachers.

Gd Goenka Public School, Rohini

Address: Plot No. 3, Pocket-7 Sector 22, Rohini New Delhi, Delhi 110086


A dedicated web interfaces

This is one of the best techniques that is implementing day by day in each and every school and college. What happens in this technique is schools provide a dedicated web interface in the form of mobile applications, blogs, or any web section that can only be accessed by the personal credentials of parents only.

So, by using this dedicated interface parents will able to know about different events, functions, or any school programs with proper dates and times. This interface will help the parents to know about the performance of their kids by checking their daily assessment marks online.

Use social media

We all know the potential of social media today. The reach and penetration of social media is so great that many industries and businesses are using it to promote their brand and make them aware of the product or service they are offering.

So, if a particular school uses its active social media then it may help many parents as well as students to get their many queries answered or much other information. Parents are also using social media and this is the benefit of school also because this social media handle will create a lot of engagement about their school and parents will know about their kids in an efficient manner.

Family events at school

This strategy can be used to create a good relationship between parents and the teachers of the school. If schools are willing to organize various events for not only their students but for their parents also then it is a high chance that parents will try to participate in such events and competition provided by the school.

Teachers can also participate with parents to compete with them in terms of sports, music, dance, or whatever function it is. We all know that the parent's meeting that is conducted twice a year in any school does not explain the engagement. But, creating events on daily basis will surely grow interest in the minds of parents.


School Engagement of parents is very important for the well being of kids and we have covered the best strategies that schools can apply in order to get a good response from the parents. Gd Goenka Public Schoolhas created some of the best engagement of parents tactic that is really commendable and it is also recommended that all other schools should also follow such strategies.

Hope you liked all the point that has been mentioned above. If you are a parent the please follow them and suggest to your kid's school to implement these tactics.

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